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pipe and drape backdrop kit

Whether you need to divide spaces, create appealing backgrounds, or set-up private booths, a pipe and drape backdrop allows you to quickly improve the look of any area in any room. For that reason, they’re the perfect choice for photo-taking sessions, filming, custom changing rooms, and so much more.

To ensure that your pipe and drape kit is looking top-notch, this article covers six important curtain accessories that you may have overlooked, and that can elevate your pipe and drape backdrop kit to a new level.

Valance Hangers

Easily create a multiple layer backdrop with Valance Hangers. A 3 inch valance hanger will allow two layers of drapes, while a 9 inch valance hanger will give you an option for up to three layers of drapes. These offer an affordable way to add more depth and dimension to your pipe and drape backdrop, and the results are stunning!

Sign Hooks

If you’re going to be displaying a grommeted banner or other signage on your pipe and drape backdrop, metal Sign Hooks make it quick and easy. Simply place these S-shaped hooks on your crossbar and you’re all set! This is especially useful for trade show booth number signage, but can be used for a variety of other applications as well.

Upright Pole Covers

Create a seamless looking backdrop by covering your vertical upright pipes. Pole Covers are a perfect solution hiding the silver pipes in your display, and they blend perfectly with your drapes for a uniform look. No tools required; just slip them over your uprights and you’re done.

Rubber Base Weights

If your backdrop will be used in a high foot traffic area, adding Rubber Base Weights is a great way to increase the stability of your system. Available in 20 lb. and 30 lb. weights, these weights are simply placed over your steel bases and instantly provide an extra level of safety.

Drape Tie-Backs

Drape tie-backs are decorative fixtures that hold back your drapery when you need to open your curtains or change the background of a stage -- often created by your pipe and drape backdrop kit. You've also probably seen these features in residential applications, particularly with heavier drapery.

Drape Extension Handle

This isn’t necessarily an addition to your backdrop, but a Drape Extension Handle makes setting up your amazing backdrop so much easier! This handle adds 3 feet to your reach, making it easier to get up high and speeding up your overall set-up time.

You want your pipe and drape kit to looks its best, and we hope that you’ve found some great ideas in these 6 must-have curtain accessories. If you need any help with ensuring that you have the parts needed to create the backdrop of your dreams, contact the experts at Pipe and Drape Online today.

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