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studio curtain background In the digital age, there's a common expression: "pictures or it didn't happen." That means that if you're attending any kind of event -- whether it be a wedding, a birthday party, or a big fundraiser -- you're expected to document it all. Even corporate conferences, which 62.4% of event organizers say they plan, can be seen as that much more exciting if the highlights are shared on social media.

One easy way to accomplish that? Set up a photo booth at your event! By encouraging attendees to capture their experiences, you can spread the word about an amazing venue, boost your branding, or simply show everyone else what they're missing. But in order to make your photo booth a successful one, you'll need to cover your bases. Here are six essentials you won't want to overlook when designing your setup.

  1. Signage: Before you start thinking about the logistics of the photo booth itself (like the studio curtain background you should select, or any fun components), you'll need to let attendees know what this area is for. Consider creating some signage that will point guests in the direction of the booth and provide simple instructions as to how it should be used. This signage can provide an excellent opportunity to insert your brand into the conversation by including your logo and website as well.

  2. Photo Booth: To create an amazing event photo booth, you can't rely on blank walls to do the job. A simple solution is a pipe and drape photo booth structure with a high-quality studio curtain background to ensure a smooth surface that's perfect for photography. Consider investing in the backdrop poles, bases, crossbars, and drapes that will ensure that your setup can be utilized for all kinds of events in the future. Although there are brightly colored or even patterned backdrops available, classic black studio curtains are often the most versatile choice. Poly Premier drapes, which are a basic polyester fabric with a flatter, more matte finish, are the most popular choice.

  3. Props: Now that you have your booth and studio curtain background chosen, you can focus on the fun stuff -- your props. Over-the-top hats and headwear, oversized glasses, mustaches on sticks, speech bubbles, picture frames, flags, and boas can be a great start. Make sure to theme your props around the specific event (and don't miss an opportunity to include your branding!). Make sure you add seating, as well; although it won't be seen, allowing participants to sit during their photo session will make it that much more enjoyable for them.

  4. Camera Equipment: You can't have a photo booth without the camera equipment. This might involve hiring a professional photographer for the evening or purchasing some affordable (yet high-quality) equipment for your business to own. Keep in mind that if you go the DIY route, you'll want to do a test drive beforehand and make sure the individuals running the booth are well-versed in how to use the equipment.

  5. Lighting: Whether your event takes place indoors or outside, you'll need to get your hands on some good lighting to ensure the photos come out well. If you've hired a professional, they might be able to supply their own. However, you might be able to put together your own lighting system with some basic elements you can find online. You will likely need to play with the setup a bit to ensure it's optimal, of course. But no matter what, you'll want to make sure no one is in shadow.

  6. Social Media and Printing Stations: This is where the high-tech merges with the traditional. Once you've set up and are ready to start taking snapshots, you'll want to provide some physical mementos for attendees to take home. By investing in a portable photo printer, you can offer something immediate for guests to take as a keepsake. But you'll also want to embrace social media shares. Ideally, you'll want to be able to post these photos immediately and encourage attendees to share them on their own accounts. This may take some extensive knowledge, but it's definitely a good idea if you want to spread the word about your event or a specific business.

With these essentials in mind, you're ready to create your first event photo booth. For more information on how to use pipe and drape photo booths for your next occasion, please contact us today.

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