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6 1/2 Foot Tall x 54 Inch Wide Clear Vinyl Panel for Sneeze Guards / Separation Dividers
Clear Vinyl Panel measures 77 inches tall x 54 inches wide

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6 1/2 Foot Tall x 54 Inch Wide Clear Vinyl Panel for Sneeze Guards / Separation Dividers

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  • Ideal for salons, barbershops, gyms, waiting rooms, front office / receptionist desks, manufacturing facilities, and open work spaces, this crystal clear Vinyl panel is heavy duty for use as a sneeze guard or isolation / divider partition.

  • Functions like much more expensive plexiglass and acrylic, but at a fraction of the cost. Perfect to use with existing Slip Fit pipe and drape systems, or you can hang this flexible vinyl panel on an open-ended drapery rod or tension wire (not included; we recommend a maximum of a 2 inch diameter rod -- a smaller diameter is fine, just ensure that it will be strong enough to support the weight).

  • IMPORTANT: Because of the nature of usage for this item, all sales are final. Please read all of the information below and ensure that the height, width, and overall application will work for your needs.

  • This 6.5 foot (78 inch) tall x 4.5 foot (54 inch) wide clear flexible Vinyl panel is Flame Retardant (FR) and meets the requirements of the NFPA 701 fire code.

  • Features a 4 inch rod pocket at the top. This single Vinyl panel is not pleated and is intended to hang flat, without any gathering / bunching.

  • Remove the paper slip that the vinyl is shipped with, as long term contact may mar the Vinyl. While there is no specific guidance for a how often to clean, we recommend frequently cleaning between each use by hand washing using a mild soap and water solution (DO NOT use any abrasive soaps or cleaners), and then drying by wiping with a clean, dry cloth. Be sure to clean the entire panel, front and back, and make sure to not to cross-contaminate. Wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning.

  • Quantity 1 = 1 clear Vinyl panel. Hanging hardware is not included. Because this material is too thick to fold, your panel(s) will arrive rolled. Because the width is over 48 inches long, there will be an Additional Handling cost in the shipping rates, so please keep that in mind when reviewing shipping options.

  • Panel opacity is 0%. This item is clear -- so clear that getting a good picture was difficult -- and it can be seen through easily.

DISCLAIMER: we do not claim or warrant that this product is FDA approved, or otherwise certified for any specific medical use. Statements regarding this item have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. This product is designed to be used in conjunction with recommended or required guidelines, including but not limited to the use of face masks, social distancing whenever possible, and frequent cleaning -- it is not intended to serve as a substitute for medical grade Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Please follow the latest advice of the CDC and your health care professional for ways to help keep yourself safe. The purchaser and/or final user is responsible for product application and suitability of use. All sales are final.

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