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5 Tips for Throwing an Epic Surprise Party

Surprise parties are fun, but pulling them off perfectly requires several key steps. Luckily, they are simple, and the party will be satisfying once you see it in action on the big day. Let’s walk through a few must-know tips for throwing an epic surprise party.

Personalize in Their Eyes

Personality and beautiful decorations are vital for creating a distinct vision that shines vibrantly when planning any party. In this case, you’re throwing a party for someone else, so it’s essential to keep their wants and preferences in mind every step of the way. Always consider how the person you’re throwing the party for will feel before making any choices, from the venue to the decorations.

Match Schedules Carefully

Be sure you plan the party on a day that makes sense for the subject of the event. Celebrating on the actual birthday is always wonderful, but they may have work or other important issues to focus on, and can’t set aside time for a party. In these cases, try to plan it for a day before the actual birthday that is convenient to them. That way, you can surprise them without waiting until after their birthday passes, ensuring the day still feels special.

Keep Invites Under the Radar

Suffice it to say, one of the top tips for a successful surprise party is to keep that “surprise” part of the title intact. In other words, don’t let the cat out of the bag too early. For instance, digital invites through emails are a great way to both discuss and invite guests to the gathering. In doing so, you can ensure the subject of the party feels gleeful surprise when they enter the venue.

Choose Your Crew Wisely

Speaking of keeping it under the radar, choosing your party planning team wisely will also help you keep the event a secret. Of course, you can also tackle this project on your own. However, some parties call for a team of volunteers coming together, which helps with efficiency and personalization. So, choose a team with a strong understanding of the likes and dislikes of the party subject, and who can keep the news under wraps before the surprise arrives.

Find a Fabulous Photo Booth

Ideally, your party should be epic enough for picture-taking, a way to celebrate on social media and commemorate the occasion for years to come. If that’s the result you want from your party, construct a fabulous photo booth. A photo booth invites guests to gather and have fun; the basic goal of any good party!

Photo booths can showcase stunning designs that elevate the venue. At Pipe & Drape, we carry photo booth curtains available in vibrant blues, deep Earthy greens, and many more. That way, you can tailor the design to meet your aesthetic standards for the evening. If you supply some simple but fun props, such as word bubbles and hats, you can create a successfully festive photo booth everyone will flock to during the event.

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