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5 DIY Photo Booth Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Photo booths are a great way to promote socializing and create memories at gatherings, from weddings to holiday parties and beyond. Thus, we’re here to introduce you to a handful of excellent DIY photo booth ideas your guests will love. Plus, not all these ideas are mutually exclusive. In some cases, you can merge these ideas wonderfully.

Pipe & Drape Booths

DIY photo booths should be more than a random corner of the room. Luckily, setting up a stunning photo booth is easy with pipe and drape kits. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be an interior designer to create a captivating backdrop. For example, we carry pipe and drape booths that are portable and easy to install.

Plus, our booths come in various heights, widths, and fabrics, so meeting unique needs is no problem. Simply put, if you want a striking photo booth, work with a vendor who can conveniently customize the design to suit your style.

Plenty of Props

Pipe and drape booths are nice on their own, but an engaging photo booth needs plenty of props, too. Silly props give your guests a chance to let loose and take a wide range of unique pictures. Outfit your booth with a random assortment of goofy eyeglasses, hats, masks, wigs, word bubbles, and anything else that stands out to you; there is rarely a wrong choice.

Thematic Decoration

Photo booth backdrop fabrics come in many colors, so how do you choose the right one? Instead of a random assortment of colors, you can find fabric that mixes with your venue design or overall event theme. One of the best examples is a wedding because you can go with a classic white look.

If your wedding color palette has a more personal touch, whether vibrant hues or something a bit more subtle, like a soothing grey, you can lean into that design, too. Likewise, if you’re setting up the booth for a company event, consider taking inspiration from the company logo.

Seasonal Style

Not every photo booth design has to perfectly align with a theme. For example, when in doubt, design your booth with the season in mind—whether it’s a Halloween-themed booth for a fall party or a winter-themed one for a New Year’s event. Use the season to influence your pipe and drape colors as well as the props. That way, you can keep a cohesive vision, making that beautiful booth feel like a natural addition to the event.

Inviting Signage

Although it’s a small touch, this is undoubtedly a DIY photo booth idea your guests will love: inviting signage. The sign should showcase that the designated space is a photo booth and how they should proceed to take their photos. Some folks go with chalkboard signs, while others choose rustic wood signs to deliver the message. Either way, you can find one that fits your style and helps the booth stand out, ensuring it won’t simply collect dust during the event.

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