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theater draping
Pipe and drape for any occasion consists of four basic components: a base, uprights, drape supports, and of course, the drape itself. Together, these parts allow you to entirely transform the look of any space like magic!

Whether you are looking for elegant wedding drapes, fun photography backdrops, impressive conference décor, classic room space dividers for your place of worship, or colorful trade show booths, we've got you covered. How? Let’s take a tour!

  1. Imagine that you’d like to have a photo booth at an event. You know, the ones where your guests put on goofy hats, feather boas and plastic mustaches? You don’t want those fun photos ruined by a boring plain wall background, right? Right. Enter pipe and drape. The most popular choices are black drapes that will make bright colors pop against it, or soft corals and pinks that are considered “cosmetics colors” as they reflect a flattering touch of natural flash onto any skin tone. Do your guests a solid and choose a pipe and drape photo backdrop that will do their silly poses justice.

  2. Research tells us that corporate conferences are the most common tasks for event planners, making up about 62% of their events. We have all been to "that conference" where the speaker drones on and the walls feel muddy grey and closing in. Most conference spaces, like expo halls or hotel spaces, are intentionally designed in a bland manner to serve as a blank canvas, so be sure to paint your canvas. Cover the bland with event drapery in your company’s logo color or a simple and elegant ivory to impress your guests and give their eyes something to feast upon.

  3. At trade shows, a sea of booths can be overwhelming for attendees. Using the right draping to create a standout space provides an inviting focal point; customers will gravitate towards this, bypassing competitors’ booths.

  4. Don’t be afraid to make smart use of color and texture when choosing your pipe and drape. Solid brights are best for video production. This is why your news anchors have wardrobes full of solid bright apparel. White and cream drapery fabrics make a space appear larger. Voile drapes and satin drapes are wedding staples. Metallics set the tone for a party. Use softer, classic shades for your place of worship. Certain colors have specific meanings to many religions, so you may want to have your church backdrop color choice approved in advance.

  5. Drapery fabric can be deployed for masking construction, turning an otherwise eyesore into a much nicer looking area. If the walls are currently covered in spackle patches and blemishes from other renovations are present, consider draping the construction area so that guests will have a better overall experience while those repairs are underway.

Pipe and drape can be used to make just about any event or space come to life and ensure your guests are welcomed by a great first impression and leave dazzled by your event.

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