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church backdrop

When you're planning a major event for your church, there is a lot that goes into the details. You have to decorate, have volunteers, and sometimes provide food. Another great thing to have at major events is a church backdrop, and here are some occasions where they play in nicely.


Think about all the pictures that get taken right at the altar during a wedding ceremony. The couple recites their vows, complete a unity ceremony, and seals the deal with a kiss. The couple will cherish these pictures forever, so having a church backdrop to spruce things up will be lovely.


Church stage backdrops will also look great during a baptism. Baptisms are extremely special moments in anyone's life, no matter their age. It's an event where the entire family comes out to witness, and again, an event where a lot of pictures will be taken. A church backdrop will make the event even more special for all those involved in this life-changing event.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is an action-packed week in the summer when kids from all over the town come to spend a week playing and learning. There will be loads of activities, crafts, videos, dancing, and more taking place at your church, and again, pictures. The volunteers and kids alike will love to see beautiful church curtains on backdrop poles around the sanctuary. You can even use them as props for a puppet show!


As unfortunate as it is, funerals happen every day. Friends and family gather in the church to hear kind and inspiring words about their lost loved one. There may or may not be pictures at this kind of event, but you can make it special and intimate for the family with a nice backdrop.

Holiday Services

Big holidays usually have more attendance than any other day of the year. Christmas, Easter, and Mother's Day will have the seats packed, and you want to make sure your sanctuary looks its best. Some gorgeous church backdrops to match the season will look lovely and be inviting on these holidays.

There are more than 300,000 churches in the U.S., so no matter what type of event you're planning at your church, church backdrops can definitely come in handy!

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