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When you want to make a plain table look nice for an event, you may think that just throwing a tablecloth over it will do the trick. While a tablecloth will certainly do the job of covering the table, you can make a table look truly elegant by adding a table skirt and securing it with table skirt clips. Know these advantages of using table skirts and have your skirt clips at the ready.

Attractive Layering

As ceiling drapes enhance the look of a standard ceiling, table skirts easily elevate the look of table covering by adding dynamic layers to an otherwise static decoration. They pair well with table toppers, linens, runners, and throw covers. The layered look is already popular in clothing and design, so why not incorporate it into table covering?

Easily Hide Table Legs

A tablecloth by itself leave the legs of a table exposed far too often. While getting the right tablecloth length can be a challenge, table skirts are designed to cover the spaces underneath tables. Corporate events are the most popular type of event for event planners, with 61.2% of organizers planning them. At these events, you typically need to store extra boxes of materials, and table skirts can create the perfect space to do that.

Have Fun With Color Combinations

Just as table skirts allow you to experiment with layering your table covers, you can also have fun with color. Table skirts come in many different colors and even printed patterns, giving you limitless options when you combine them with table covers. By pairing different color combinations together, you can achieve a design aesthetic that spruces up an otherwise boring table.

Easy Set Up

While using a table skirt may not be as easy as throwing on a table cloth, it only requires a couple more steps. The small effort that you do have to exert pales in comparison to the improved look you'll achieve. You simply attach the skirting to the table with skirt clips around the edges of the table. That's the only additional step and it will make your table look a thousand times better.

Durable Materials

Table skirting is typically made from polyester instead of cotton. This small difference in material means that your table skirts won't shrink, fade, or snag in the wash. You'll be able to use them over and over again, rather than throwing about tablecloths after you've used them once. This will make your business practice more friendly to the environment and to your wallet.

If you're looking for a different way to dress up your tables, turn to table skirts. They offer nearly endless options in terms of design and will provide you with a convenience you won't believe.

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