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4 Tips for Storing Your Event Drapes and Decorations

A stunning set of event drapes can lose its shine without proper care. Likewise, once-enchanting decorations can break or get worn down if you neglect them between events. Although these situations can happen, avoiding them is possible with the right tips. Keep reading to learn the top tips for storing your event drapes and decorations.

Dedicated Storage Systems

Transportation and storage are two critical factors if you’re buying event drapes to use long-term at multiple venues. An excellent step to start your storage system is speaking with your drape vendor about potential storage bags they offer.

For instance, at Pipe & Drape Online, we carry storage carts and bags for drapes, poles, and other components. Something as simple as asking your vendor for a sturdy canvas storage bag will help you keep the fabric dazzling.

Don’t Lose Sight of Your Supplies

Although you know where everything is when you put them in storage, over time you might understandably forget which storage container holds a specific decoration. Don’t worry; that’s a normal thing that happens when you’re not taking the drapes out of storage every weekend.

Opening every box to find what you need is unnecessarily time-consuming. The solution is straightforward: labels. For example, a complete pipe and drape backdrop package has a handful of critical parts.

So, labeling everything in storage makes it easier to avoid losing supplies. Bringing a striking backdrop to an event only to discover you forgot the base or sign hooks is annoying—but it’s easy to prevent when you use labels.

Inspect Before Storing

Even when your drapes look delightful before the event, they might get damaged during the festivities. One of the easiest storage tips to overlook is conducting an inspection. Inspecting your supplies before you store them helps you catch fixable problems before they have the chance to get worse over time.

For instance, the longer you let liquid from a spilled drink remain in your fabric, the harder it becomes to restore the material to its former glory. If you catch the issue in time, you can clean or repair it and put it back into storage in the best possible condition.

Avoid Moisture & Humidity

Poor ventilation and moisture are the enemies of all event decorations. So, one of the top tips for storing your event drapes and decorations is considering the environment. Ideally, keep event décor in a cool, dry place that won’t promote mold growth. (Suffice it to say, mold is far from being an attractive décor choice.)

The danger of moisture and humidity is why canvas bags are ideal for storing event décor; they’re more breathable than an everyday plastic bag. Luckily, now that you know how these hazards hinder amazing decorations, you can use all the steps above to keep your supplies spectacular for a long time.

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