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4 Tips for Setting Up a Photo Booth for a Kids’ Event

Anyone putting together an event worth remembering should consider renting a photo booth. This is a simple addition to the venue that is interactive and aesthetically pleasing. You can also use these booths to bring a fun touch of personality to any children’s event, no matter their age. Try out these tips for setting up a photo booth for a kids’ event.

Prepare the Perfect Backdrop

Ensure you give the kids a backdrop worth having in a cherished childhood memory. Backdrop fabrics are available in many colors, from dark to bright, so you can make it pop how you want for the event. Is it a seasonal event, such as a Christmas party? If so, lean into the holiday colors to create a beautiful thematic backdrop for every picture.

Try a Trial Run

An easy way to know whether your backdrop is perfect is by conducting a trial run. Simply put, gather the materials for your photo booth and snap a few pictures to see how it looks. You can experiment with how the different textures and colors of fabrics pop in the photos.

In addition, if you set the booth up early enough before the event, test how the lighting in the venue looks in the pictures. Does the lighting bring a wonderful brightness to the photographs, or is it hard to see the subjects in the frame? Photo booths are stylish and simple to set up, so making the proper adjustments is easier than you think.

Pack a Variety of Props

Another way to give the kids various ways to take pictures is by providing an assortment of props. These props can include goofy glasses, hats, masks, signs, and more. This is a crucial tip for setting up a photo booth for a kids’ event because it allows the kids to put their full personalities on display. The more props you have, the more ways children can make their photos unique and personal.

Choose the Location Carefully

Making the most of the photo booth also means choosing the location carefully. For instance, where in the venue is the lighting that best illuminates the photos? You can set lights up yourself, but it makes prep easier if the venue has good lighting. In addition, you don’t want to tuck the photo booth too far away in the back of the venue or in the corner.

Likewise, too many people gathering right by the venue entrance typically isn’t helpful, so having the booth there may not be ideal. It all comes down to the specific layout of any event. Plus, how much space in the room for the booth do you have to work with?

At Pipe & Drape, we carry adjustable?backdrop crossbars so you can fine-tune the booth’s abilities to cover the space around you. Wherever you put the booth, make sure it’s somewhere people can easily find upon arrival. This ensures your guests gravitate towards the booth easily. Try these tips at the next kids’ event to give them the perfect way to commemorate the evening. 

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