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4 Tips for Picking a Color Palette for Event Drapes

Drapes come in many colors, and each will have a different impact on an event. This can make shopping feel daunting, but our guide below will ease the process. Read these tips for picking a color palette for event drapes to create an inspired layout.

Reflect on the Theme

The first step for choosing a drape color palette is to reflect on what the rest of the event will look like. That way, you can set up drapes that complement your event in a natural and stunning way. For instance, if you aim to achieve a bright and vibrant energy with your event, you should try to reflect that in the drape design using eye-catching orange or red.

On the other hand, cool blue drapes help create a soothing atmosphere. So, what kind of energy do you want flowing through the event?

Make It Subtle or Stand-Out

Next, think carefully about whether you want your drapes to be a stand-out part of the event or a piece of decor that blends in but still provides a stylish touch. Both choices will yield a beautiful effect, so the right choice comes down to the materials you choose and the look you’re going for during the event. For example, our pipe and drape panels for events include poly satin materials that showcase a dark red color, which can beautifully complement an upscale environment.

If red is a featured color throughout the venue, the drapes will act as a wonderful echo of that theme, which helps them blend into the venue without disappearing entirely. However, if your venue is upscale but doesn’t have many shades of red throughout the space, the aforementioned drapes can pop in a wonderful way without being off-theme.

Find the Missing Element

Simply put, consider how the color of your drapes will fill an aesthetic gap in your venue design. In the section above, we touch on missing colors, but consider if a luxurious touch is missing entirely. On the other hand, maybe the venue doesn’t showcase the fun, vibrant attitude you want to present. If you can find a creative solution to a minor flaw in your event space, choosing the right fabric color palette will become a fast and rewarding process.

Step Back and Take in the Design

Finally, an essential tip for picking a color palette for event drapes is to step back and consider how it all looks. The ultimate test of your design will be how it looks in person. Don’t worry—this doesn’t mean you have to go to the venue and install everything for an experiment. Once you have the fabric, lay it out in front of you and inspect the texture, the color, how it hangs, and how it reflects light.

These details help the fabric stand out in the venue, whether you want a touch of subtlety or a bright pop. This step also gives you a chance to look for damage to the fabric. This is an easy step to overlook because it may seem like the shopping process is over once you have the fabric in your hands. However, you aren’t done until you’re happy with the drape panels you have in front of you.

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