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4 Events You Should Consider Getting a Booth For

A pipe and drape booth can work in tandem with the rest of your decor to bring an event to life. However, the booth alone won’t elevate your event. This design tool is best used with precision if you want truly stunning results. To learn how you can use this decorative material to your advantage, refer to the list below. Now, we can dive into four different events you should consider getting a booth for.

Trade Shows

One of the most useful applications for a pipe and drape booth is a business event, especially a trade show. At a trade show, you must engage with passersby in multiple ways, and that includes the visual design of your event booth. A custom booth is a perfect opportunity to make your area look as beautiful and focused as you’d like.

Holiday Events

Christmas parties, Halloween parties, and other seasonal events are fantastic opportunities for a photo op. Setting up a photo booth in your event space presents an easy place for your guests to gravitate toward when they want a fun way to commemorate the night. Your booth colors should match your seasonal event, but they’re only a part of the design. Include fun props along with the photo booth to shake things up.


One similarity that a wedding shares with a holiday event is that both are festive, fun occasions. Thus, photo booths are great additions to weddings too. Suffice it to say that, in most cases, weddings carry a bit more emotional impact than holiday parties, so there are even more reasons to commemorate the evening.

Photo Shoots

One more event you should consider getting a booth for is a photo shoot. In some cases, on-location shoots present a stunning way to show off the subject and the environment around them. However, some shoots call for a more focused approach. If you want to focus on your subject, consider using a photo booth that pops with color and texture precisely how you need to show off the subject.

At Pipe & Drape, we have pipe and drape booths you can use to create photo booths so you can have photo shoots at graduations, business events, and beyond. As you’ll soon find out at your next event, pipe and drape booths are surprisingly versatile tools to have in your design toolkit.

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