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black stanchions

You want your wedding reception to be a blast, and ensure that your guests have a great time. You have amazing food, your DJ is rocking the party, and the decorations are immaculate. There's a little bit more to wedding receptions than that, though. Here are a few extras you can add to your reception to make it even more fun.

Black Stanchions

Black stanchions give the ultimate VIP feeling to your wedding. You can set them up any way you'd like and wherever you'd like. You can create a line to the dessert table, you can rope off an actual VIP area, you can surround a photobooth and more. They also work really well to separate a space if you want to create that for your wedding reception. You can even enclose the dance floor if you want to make it feel like a luxury nightclub after dinner.

Backdrop Poles

Using backdrop poles with wedding drapes can create absolutely beautiful backdrops. You can set them up to make a backdrop for photos, or you can place them behind the bridal table for a gorgeous background. You can also make a DIY photo booth area with your pipes and drapes, throw some props on the table, and let your guests go wild with silly and fun photos.


Speaking of photo booths, these are a serious hit at weddings. If you want to create your own, you can do that and allow your guests to take their own pictures. If you want to rent one, the machine prints the pictures out right there for your guests, and they have memories to take home that will last a lifetime. You can even replace your favors with photos from the photo booth.

Bar Signs

A bar sign would make an awesome extra to your wedding reception! Your guests like to know what's going on throughout the day, and the bar is often important to many of your guests. You can write things on the sign like when the open bar opens up, how long it lasts, what kind of wine or beer they have, and your signature cocktail (if you have one). This idea doesn't just apply to the beverage bar area -- have a dessert table? A candy bar? You can use fun and unique signage for virtually any station at your wedding!

Every single year, more than 2.4 million weddings are performed in America. With all those weddings, it can be hard to make your own stand out. Try adding some of these reception areas to make your wedding more fun and memorable!

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