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4 Ways to Use Pipe and Drape for Trade Shows

Posted by LO on 9/26/2019 to Trade Shows
4 Ways to Use Pipe and Drape for Trade Shows
Trade shows are unique. The twin goals of marketing is to generate sales leads and then to convert potential customers into paying customers. That said, the opportunity to meet people who are in your industry and looking for products like yours cannot be overstated. In fact, nearly 100% of marketing professionals believe that trade show exhibits provide unique value that cannot be gained from other marketing mediums.

Once the decision has been made to attend trade shows, the process of designing a booth begins. Whether your booth is large or small, pipe and drape can perform many functions. Here are four ideas for using pipe and drape in your next trade show:

Trade Show Booth

We’ll start with the most obvious choice here, and that’s a pipe and drape trade show booth.

While there are several booth types available today, a pipe and drape booth remains one of the easiest, most affordable, flexible, and convenient options. Let’s explore each one of these benefits:

Easy: it takes only about 10 minutes to set-up, and take-down after the trade show is even quicker. With trade shows, time is often limited, so this is a major point for the “plus” column!

Affordable: a pipe and drape trade show booth generally costs a few hundred dollars, compared to thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars for other types of booth exhibits.

Flexible: did you redesign your company’s logo with a new color scheme? No problem! Changing the look of your booth is as easy as switching out the drapes. Different fabric styles, different colors, and a host of accessories makes it simple to create a booth that is unique to you and your company.

Convenient: these booths break down into individual component parts (pipes, bases, and drapes) so it’s easier to transport and store compared to bulky, non-modular options.

It’s no wonder that pipe and drape has an established history in the trade show industry, and why it continues to be the preferred choice for trade show booths.

Guide Attendees

Separate from their purpose of defining the boundaries of a trade show booth, event drapery can guide trade show attendees' movement and attention inside the booth. For example, drapes can form internal walls, creating different areas within the booth for different product lines, displays, or business segments.

A simple 3 foot tall and relatively narrow set-up can also help serve as a barrier between an “employee only” area within the booth from the rest of the space where a customer is free to roam.

If the venue allows it, short height pipe and drape kits can also be set up as a sort of stanchion / crowd control barrier. In this way, you can help direct the flow of your guests in an easy-to-understand manner.

Create a Conference Room

Trade shows are for business. Often, booth designers forget that you and your customers may need a more secluded space -- or at least as free from the distractions of the trade show as possible -- to talk business and strike deals. Setting up some pipe and drape will give you a makeshift conference room right on premise, without it looking like you’ve abandoned your booth.

Hide Distracting Exhibit Hall Features

There is an ongoing debate among trade show exhibitors about the best booth space locations. Booths near entry doors, bathrooms, and the food court are always in high demand since they receive a lot of foot traffic. However, not every exhibitor wants a clear line of sight from their booth into the men's or women's bathroom. Similarly, a food cart may generate distracting sights, smells, and sounds. Pipe and drape booths can break up the line of sight between your booth and the bathrooms, food court, entry or exit doors, columns, and fire exits.

We’ve explored just a few of the main ways that pipe and drape serves as an essential addition to any trade show, from the actual booth to crowd control to temporary meeting space. If you have any questions or need any advice, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help. In the meantime, we wish you great success at your next show!

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