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pipe drape set

The versatility of drapes has become so pronounced that they are now the centerpiece of almost every room, from the backdrop used in churches to the pipe drape sets used in event spaces all across the country. Drapes are a quick and significant addition to a room, adding a vital aspect to the room’s decor by adding depth, dimension, and color.

Backdrops create an overall room ambiance, and drapes are a statement item. They quickly become the room’s eye-catching centerpiece. But pipe drape sets are also used to create temporary spaces that didn't even exist before -- an essential for any event, particularly in challenging venues.

So with that in mind, the question is: what do you need to remember when choosing your pipe and drape set?

1. Identify the Setting and Best Type of Pipe Drape Set

Before buying that pipe drape set, you need to consider what you want to use it for. Where will you be hanging this set? Drapes come in a wide variety of styles, colors, patterns, and opaqueness, and the event taking place can help narrow down the selection. For example, backdrop drapes for important press releases and speeches are usually not light and airy Sheer Voile. Instead, Velour or a plain Polyester fabric is generally the best choice. At the same time, Sheer Voile drapes are perfect for weddings, as it helps create a fairy tale setting. Banjo drapes are semi-transparent, which does not make them ideal for privacy booths, while Commando drapes are 99% opaque and would make a wonderful option for privacy applications.

So keep in mind the type of event and usage for your pipe and drape kit, and then choosing the right type of backdrop drape is a much easier task.

2. Know Your Long-Term Plan

Pipe and drape kits come in a variety of heights. It’s easy to plan ahead if you’re purchasing backdrops that will always be used in the same room or area, and you know that it’ll always be used at a certain height.

However, it gets a bit more complicated if you’re going to be using your kit for different events, at different venues, or for different clients, each of which may have a different requirement.

While 8 feet is the most common height, if you offer pipe and drape to a variety of clients, you may have customers that want to go up to 10 feet tall (or 12 feet tall, etc.). Luckily, there are adjustable height pipe and drape kits that give you a range of height options!

Always consider the long-term plan for your set. If you know that you’ll only need 8 feet tall, then a fixed height kit may be the best choice. But if there will be unknowns in the future, you’ll want to at least consider a kit that offers a variety of options.

3. Consider the Room’s Original Decor

Drapes transform the room the moment they are hung up. They are the first thing someone notices when they walk into a room, and this is why it’s essential to consider the drape’s color before buying it. Make sure that the color works with the room’s furniture, wall art, and general color design. A pipe drape set looks much better in a color-coordinated room. That said, these sets can actually be used to transform an otherwise neutral or boring space into something totally new. If you plan on utilizing decor pieces, you'll just want to make sure your set will coordinate with (and will fit in) the room.

4. What Else Will You Need?

If you’ve ever searched for photos of pipe and drape backdrops, you’ve seen how amazing they can look with the right accessories. From layered drapes to uplighting, there are tons of ways to elevate the look of your system. With that in mind, be sure to account for any accessories that you’ll need to make your vision come true. This could be valance hangers for multiple drape layers, lighting, drape tie back bands, or signage and other decor to provide accents your set.

Revolutionizing Decor

Drapes are the go-to for a fast, easy, and effective transformation of any event, in any location. Statistics show that conferences are the most popular events, with 63% of organizers planning them, but it’s becoming more and more common to find elegant drapes hanging for weddings, room dividers, stage backdrops for graduation, and so much more. And it’s no wonder; drapes can elevate the heights of every room as far as decor is concerned, and a bold pipe drape set could be what your room needs for it to gain more character and depth.

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