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studio curtainsAre you aspiring to be a photographer? Having a studio at home can really help you advance your skills and your clientele. Here is the best way to get started with creating your own studio at home.

Clear space

In order to set up a photography studio in your home, you need a clear space. You want to make sure this space is unused and able to be cut off from the rest of the house. You don't want your roommate to stumble in while you're taking family portraits. You also want to make sure the space is big enough for you what you need. If you're only taking headshots, the space can be smaller than if you want to take full-body shots.

Studio curtains

In order to have a professional-looking photography studio in your home, you need a backdrop. You can create this with studio curtains, backdrop poles, pole covers, and some tape. You can get studio curtains of different colors and play with editing programs like photoshop to make the photos look fantastic.


You can't take high-quality photos without the right lighting. Natural light will be your best friend. If you can, set up your space near windows so you can capture that natural light. After that, you can purchase products like flashers and reflectors to create studio lighting that is close to the real thing.


Many people getting their photo taken will want some kind of prop to play around with. This will add ad versatility to your studio since you are confined to one room in your home. You can get things like vintage clothes, old storage chests, stuffed animals for kids, and anything you find at thrift stores or prop stores that you think would make a great addition to a photo shoot.

Did you know that the tallest curtains in the world are 213 feet and 3 inches high, and are at a hotel in Oslo, Norway? While you don't need a curtain that big, studio curtains, a dedicated space, lighting, and props are all great items to have if you want to create your own photography studio at home.

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