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4 - 7 Foot Adjustable Width Support Rod
4 - 7 Foot Adjustable Width Support Rod

Wave Style Ceiling Drape Calculator

Depth of Swag (in feet; usually between 3-5 feet)
*This is how far each swag will swoop down toward the floor before going back up toward the ceiling

Number of Swags
*This is how many times you want your single drape to swoop down

Total Length of the Room Being Swagged (in feet)

Length of Panel You Need (in feet)

4 - 7 Foot Adjustable Width Support Rod

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  • Drape support rod (crossbar) adjusts in width anywhere between 4 feet and 7 feet wide.

  • Button stop locks the width at 5 feet, 6 feet, and 7 feet for quick measuring.

  • Telescoping support rod has a 1.5 inch outside diameter.

  • This crossbar works with all of our uprights.

  • Aluminum pipe features a steel hook on each end that is cast in aluminum for supreme durability!

  • End hooks easily slip into one of the 4 slots in our uprights.

  • Supports a maximum of 15 pounds of evenly distributed weight.

  • This is for the drape support rod (crossbar) only. Uprights and other pipe sold separately.

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