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3 Ways To Make Big Event Spaces Look More Intimate

A big event space can cater to an epic experience, but sometimes, you don’t need to use all the space available. If you want to scale down with style, you can do it with simple attention to detail. Here are a few ways to make big event spaces look more intimate. Use these tips to take control of the event’s atmosphere and captivate your audience with ease.

Divide With Divine Drapes

Event drapes are light fabrics that transform venues with their textures and colors. For instance, at Pipe & Drape Online, our event draping includes fabrics in shades of red, blue, black, green, and more. These drapes make spaces feel more intimate because of the fabric’s luxurious design—but that’s not all.

Hanging drapes from the ceiling to create clear dividers throughout the space ensures you can visually communicate the boundaries of the event space without hurting the aesthetics. In other words, you can block areas with attractive fabric if you have high-quality pipe and drape sets.

Create Pathways Paved With Purpose

Creating clear pathways in a big venue is a great way to bring people together and make the space feel less empty. Position seats, tables, food stations, photo booths, and bars in a way where moving between them is easy, creating a close-knit system for guests to maneuver through.

To visitors, it may not seem so structured, but they will feel the benefit of such an intimate design as they move seamlessly throughout the large event space. Plus, not paying attention to the pathways you create with decor and furniture placement can result in clunky walkways for guests.

Plan Your Seating Strategically

If you want a more intimate event space, then your seating should reflect that goal. This is why one of the best ways to make big event spaces look more intimate is to create distinct social areas. One of the most useful examples of this is the seating arrangement. Whether the arrangement is for watching a stage or sharing a meal, how you place chairs dictates how guests can sit down and socialize comfortably.

Try the methods above to bring people closer together at your next big event. Sometimes, all it takes is attention to detail to make a big impact on an event atmosphere.

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