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3 Drape Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed

When setting up pipe and drape displays, remember that the accessories available can elevate your setup without putting too much extra work on your plate. The best place to start seeking accessories will vary depending on what element is missing from your setup, but this list is here to present the top drape accessories you didn’t know you needed. Look at these accessories today to find out what’s missing from your display and how you can add it today.

Tie-Back Bands

Free-flowing drapes look beautiful, like a fabric waterfall flowing over the space below. However, tie-back bands provide a way to use a small material to tighten around the material, making it easy to open and close.

Beyond the functional benefits, tie-back bands will also maintain that elegant, flowing appearance that makes drape displays so stunning. Tie-back bands come in many creative colors to ensure you can find the right aesthetic fit for any display.

Sign Hooks

The accessories for pipe and drape displays are more accommodating than some people may think during their first shopping experience. After all, the name pipe and drape may imply those are the only components available, but you can expand that inventory further to accommodate unique needs.

Look at our wide assortment of pipe and drape accessoriesfor an example—this list includes sign hooks. With a sign hook, you can post signs for trade shows and other events to create a more personalized appearance. With one simple tool, you will elevate your space and make your purpose known to all around your setup.

Upright Pole Covers

As we conclude our discussion on drape accessories you didn’t know you needed, we must mention another material for boosting aesthetic value—pole covers. In some cases, the silver surface of upright poles may complement your display’s color palette.

That said, if you want to cover the upright pole in a fabric that is equally as warm and stunning as the drapes, look for covers. Upright pole covers come in many sizes and colors, so you can find an appearance that most perfectly represents your event. Outfit your pipe and drape display with these must-know accessories so that you don’t have to compromise the focus or creativity of your setup.

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