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3" Valance Hanger
3' Valance Hanger

3" Valance Hanger

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  • Easily create a layered drapery look, or hang signage (such as banners) with our convenient 3 inch valance hangers.

  • Two Drape Support Rod / Crossbar placement slots allow the second layer to be either 2 inches or 3 inches in front of the rear Drape Support Rod.

  • Works with both 1.5 inch and 2 inch diameter Uprights (fixed, break apart, or adjustable).

  • Hooks into an open slot in an Upright for easy hanging of a second Drape Support Rod.

  • Please use no more than 15 lbs. of weight on the newly created "front" layer Drape Support Rod.

  • Quantity 1 = 1 Valance Hanger. Remember that each end of the Drape Support Rod layer needs a Valance Hanger to hook on to.

  • Only one Valance Hanger can be inserted into a single slot on an Upright. These are intended to be used on a single span (between only two Uprights) -- if you are using these across a longer span, the front layer Support Rods would have to be staggered and would not perfectly align across the wider span. We suggest our Double Backwall Hangers for creating a layer across a longer span.

  • For placing the second drape support rod further out, please see our 9" Double Valance Hanger.

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