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church stage backdrop

Churches are big social gathering places. They host weddings, they put on pageants, and they even have youth plays. But when you're a smaller church, you might feel like you don't have enough space to create a brilliant stage design.

The good news is you don't need to have a big space to make a big visual impact. Here are a few church stage backdrop ideas you can use for your next event.

How can I create a great church stage backdrop?

Before we get into the tips on how to create a backdrop for your church events, it's worth noting that the average congregation size in a church is about 200 people. That means that smaller churches like yours are actually the average.

So before you get discouraged by stage design ideas from big churches that have big budgets, consider the following ideas that are used regularly by churches just like yours:

  1. Lighting is your best friend. Have you ever been to a play where the only set design is the stage itself? That's because the lighting is the most important part of stage design. It can also be used in different ways for different events.

  2. Use coroplast or PVC pipe. For a dramatic background for your event, you can use coroplast or PVC pipe to get a background that reflects light. They're also easy to use because they're flexible and can be used in a variety of designs.

  3. Curtain backgrounds. A curtain background using pipe and drape is great for a small church because it can be easily set up and taken down and stored away for next time. Curtains and drapes are also the standard when it comes to shows and theatre so your set up will be right on theme.

Need a studio curtain background for your church stage backdrop?

The tallest curtains in the world are just over 213 feet high. But you don't need the tallest curtains to create a great church stage backdrop; all you need to make an impact is the right combination of items that will enhance your space.

Pipe and Drape Online has the theater draping you need to create the ultimate church stage backdrop whether it's for a wedding ceremony or holiday play. To learn more about our different curtains and drapes, contact Pipe and Drape Online today.

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