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3 Reasons to Feature Ceiling Drapes at Your Next Event
Ever wonder how expert event planners make their spaces look so complete? One key component of the event toolkit is ceiling drapes. Ceiling draping kits give you all that you need to craft an unforgettable event, and with a number of options for material and color, you can fit the drapes to any occasion. Ceiling drapes are particularly useful for a number of reasons, including:

They provide a central focal point

If an event is of sufficient size, things can feel a bit chaotic. The more elements you have, the harder it becomes to maintain a cohesive space. For this reason, every party needs some strategic components which will give it structure and organization. The location of your ceiling draping fabric can help create order in the room, providing the focal point that every event needs. Watch as guests gather under the display, taking pictures or simply looking up and admiring the view. The most popular areas are above the dance floor, or in the center of the room when using a “starburst” method. Ceiling draping kits make it easy to craft a beautiful centerpiece in whatever indoor venue your event might be using.

They help set the mood

If you have been planning your wedding, you probably have an idea of the sort of tone you want to convey. Perhaps you’re having a spring or summer wedding and you want to give it a light, airy, and refreshing feel —sheer white ceiling drape kits will be the ticket to designing that oasis. Darker colors can provide a cozy, more intimate feeling for events taking place in the colder months. However, the possibilities do not simply stop at the color of the fabric. We still have to cover the use of lights.

They can make lighting come to life

Unless you are talking about an actual laser light show, ceilings have a tendency not to make lights really “pop.” Ceiling drapes, by contrast, capture light and play with it, adding depth that simply could not be accomplished on the 2D surface of a bare ceiling. Especially with sheer voile or any light-colored ceiling drapes, the sky is the limit (perhaps it’d be better said as “the ceiling is the limit”) when it comes to creating unique lighting effects.

Weddings in the U.S. cost, on average, upwards of $35,000. Pipe and Drape Online’s affordable ceiling treatment options provides you with a budget-friendly way to incorporate this amazing aesthetic into your next special event. These kits provide that extra touch that events need to truly bring them to life.

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