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formal theater drapes

While there are countless different kinds of drapes, few can compete with formal theater drapes for any building housing a production. All of the following venues and events could benefit from installing these drapes.


While many houses of worship may already have premier drapes for their church curtains, church stages may need something more. A theatrical production can be the perfect form for the expression of faith by creative leaders in the religious community. There is no shortage of material from devotionals, scripts with strong moral messages, kid-friendly plays, and more to draw on when staging a theatrical production. The drapes can also be used for any weddings the church hosts -- one-third of all weddings take place in churches, so they will surely come in handy.

On top of a good script, actors, costume designer, and director, plays need strong set design. The first step in assembling a set is installing formal theater drapes if none are present already. If your church has the space, painted flats can make for an excellent moveable backdrop.


Schools, too, likely have premier drapes installed already. However, any school with a serious theater department should have formal theater drapes as well. These drapes, when installed on inserting tracks, can be opened and closed seamlessly just as in professional theatrical productions. Students will feel inspired by the elegance and legitimacy of a stage adorned with real formal theater drapes, and parents will have greater confidence in the department.

Drapes can also be hung at the back of a stage to allow for some impressive lighting effects. Light-colored drapes can reflect light, evening out the lighting of the stage and becoming whatever color is pointed at them. Drapes can also be used on the sides of the stage to obscure the wings so that props, equipment, and actors adjacent to the stage will be obscured.


Formal theater curtains are also valued for their sound absorbing properties. These drapes can be placed strategically around a venue to improve its acoustic properties, minimizing unwanted reverb. More formal concerts, such as orchestral productions, will certainly need a curtain hung in front of the stage to begin and end the show.

Whatever the event, you will not regret installing proper theater drapes to elevate the stage! Explore other articles on Pipe and Drape Online to learn more.

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