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12 Foot Tall Extender

Need to add additional width to your 12 foot tall pipe and drape run? Our connecting (extender) drape package makes it easy! Working with your existing 12 foot tall pipe and drape backdrop, you can quickly continue a linear span, make right angle turns (such as an "L" shape), or create a variety of other configurations (such as a "U" shape).

IMPORTANT: these Connecting Extender Packages will NOT stand up on their own. They require an existing pipe and drape structure to "connect" into, and are only intended to extend the width of a set-up (not to be used by themselves as a free-standing display).

Each Connecting Package includes the hardware parts needed to extend the width of your display up to an additional 10 feet (1 upright, 1 base, and 1 support rod), with your choice of our most popular drape fabrics: Premier (DFR, 12 colors, look and feel of a linen tablecloth or napkin), Banjo (IFR, 17 colors, shimmering specks throughout), or Commando (FR, in Black, with a suede-like finish that is 99% light blocking).

For more information on our Connecting Packages check out our brief article.

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12 Foot Tall Premier Connecting Backdrop
Connects to our Complete 12x10 Premier Backdrop Kit for 6-10 more feet of width.
$326.42 $291.55
12 Foot Tall Banjo Connecting Backdrop
Works with our Complete 12x10 Banjo Package to add up to 10 more feet in width.
$343.09 $294.72
12 Foot Tall Commando Connecting Backdrop
Extends the width of our Complete 12x10 Commando Package an extra 6-10 feet.
$483.11 $438.64