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10 Types of Table Skirting: Which Style Is Right for Your Event?

Posted by Pipe and Drape on 9/13/2021 to Pipe and Drape
10 Types of Table Skirting: Which Style Is Right for Your Event?

Event fabrics come in many forms, including table skirts, which breathe new life into seemingly simple décor. The guide below details many types of table skirting, ranging in pleat types, length options, and more. Read this guide to successfully determine which style is right for your event.

Poly Satin

Poly Satin is a lustrous, radiant fabric. When you want the tables to reflect light brilliantly, Poly Satin will help. From vivid red to deep green, Poly Satin skirts bring a glossy touch to many hues.


Like Poly Satin, Banjo table skirts come in many different colors. However, Banjo fabric creates a unique shimmering effect in the right lighting, creating an eye-catching color display. Beyond the shimmer, this fabric’s open weave design makes it stand out delightfully.


Premier fabric brings a soft feel and professional look to any event table. Additionally, our premier table skirts are medium weight, so they bring a rich visual heft to the décor without being overbearing. Perfect event décor is all about balance, and premier fabrics can bring exactly that to the venue.

Box Pleats

Pleating refers to the stylish folds that give table skirts more character. Box pleats are ideal for upscale events, showcasing rigid waves that create a full, uniform appearance.

Shirred Pleats

One of the most common types of table skirting is shirred. A shirred pleat skirt has a more ruffled look than box pleats. So, although shirred skirts aren’t as upscale as box types, they still provide a rich, elegant display of color, texture, and fullness.


The more opaque your fabulous fabric is, the better it is at blocking light. For this reason, table skirts all vary slightly in opacity. For example, our premier skirts are approximately 60 to 70 percent opaque, though our Poly Satin table skirts showcase an impressive 80 percent opacity.


Although size might not sound important, it can make or break how great your skirting looks. Like all event décor, table skirting should help the venue look stunningly elegant. Our 14-foot skirts will brilliantly cover three sides of the average six-foot or eight-foot banquet table.


Like 14-foot skirts, our 17-foot-long table skirts have enough fabric for three sides of the average eight-foot banquet table. Furthermore, the 17-foot skirts cover all four sides of a six-foot banquet table with attractive, flowing fabric. Plus, if you have 60-inch round tables at the venue, 17-foot skirts will cover them completely.


The 21-foot-long table skirt provides enough fabric for all four sides of the average eight-foot banquet table. Furthermore, you can use 21-foot-long skirting to cover 72-inch round tables beautifully.


If the sizes above don’t meet your needs, we can help you find a custom option instead. All you must do is reach out to us when you’re ready. Then, we can get you the perfect skirt size swiftly.

As you can see from our wide selection of event draping, you can use many eye-catching fabrics to make special occasions look as inviting as they feel. Whether the big day calls for 14-foot premier skirting with shirred pleats or 21-foot Banjo skirting with box pleats, you can successfully navigate the many options available.

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