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10 Foot Tall

When you need to go a bit higher, our 10 foot tall pipe and drape packages make it easy!

Choose from our Break Apart uprights (ideal if you regularly transport your kit and do not have a large vehicle), or our Adjustable / Telescoping uprights for more versatility (allowing you to choose any height between 6 feet and 10 feet tall). Easily adjust the width of your pipe and drape kit from 6 feet to 10 feet wide!

Your backdrop kit will feature the Slip-Fit system for quick set-up. The bases include a solid steel pin, with the uprights simply sliding right over the pin. Your drapes will have a rod pocket sewn into the top and bottom of the panel to gather onto the drape on the support rod. Hooks at each end of the support rod go into one of the 4 slots at the top of each upright.

Each package includes all of the hardware parts needed to create a free standing structure (2 uprights, 2 bases, and 1 support rod), with your choice of our most popular drape fabrics: Premier (IFR, 12 colors, look and feel of a linen tablecloth or napkin), Banjo (IFR, 17 colors, shimmering specks throughout), or Commando (FR, in Black, with a suede-like finish that is 99% light blocking).

For more information on our Complete Packages check out our brief article.

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